October 14, 2009

Cisco IOS Tips - cache running-configuration

This is probably one of the most ignored and forgotten feature of IOS since 12.2(25)S and 12.2(27)SBC. I am positing it here as I never stopped coming across routers and switches with this feature not active. Please note you need to enough memory,to use this feature; that is to say, the available space in memory to hold a copy of the interfaces configuration. As you may guess, a router or switch with a monstrous configuration, can take a while to display the running configuration when issuing ... Read more

December 12, 2008

Create your own manpage

Those who know me, know that I usually tend to document every little hack, server modification, kernel update and events that I happened to correct, install, modify, hack or fix! I mainly do this as to keep on being productive but as well as keeping other admins updated on the modification which happened on the server. Having said that! Most of us find ourselves often in front of a console terminal and sometimes in need of a memory refresh… wether it is us who can’t remember how we fixed a specific problem or another system administration who wonders “why is this perl script here and what does it do”. ... Read more

October 29, 2008

safe guard editor

If you are like me, or a very experienced admin, you will realize that while running servers in production, you are more likely prompt to modify configuration files on the fly. Now, one advise I give to any junior administrator, is to first of all backup any files they wish to modify. Running the cp command before editing a file, could be an hassle, especially when we are in a hurry. ... Read more

October 11, 2008

Delete empty files, older than x days

Q: How do I delete files that older than a certain amount of days and which are empty A: find . -empty -type f -mmtime +X| xargs rm or for those fancing exec, use find . -empty -type f -mmtime +X -exec rm {} ** X must be replaced with the number of days cheers,