May 19, 2009

How to change sudo cache timeout

For those who wishes to change the sudo cache timeout for a specific user, let’s userA sudo visudo or (su - then visudo) Defaults:userA timestamp_timeout=20 We have now set the sudo timeout “password-less” prompt to 20mn, to make it infinite set it to -1 If for some reasons you have it set it to 20 or -1 and wish to re-enable the password prompt, simple type sudo -K ** remember even after a reboot, the sudo cache would still persist if it is of course in its timeout grace time. ... Read more

May 18, 2009

How to get your atheros wifi drive to work under Centos/Linux and get that WPA working

Many times I have come across this thread on forums… many wondering how to get their wifi card (Atheros) to work under Linux (Centos) and then how to proceed to get WPA working… now here is the bundle you have been looking for. 1) Do you have an atheros card? lspci |grep Atheros (should give you enough info) 2) Get the madiwifi tarball Go there and download the latest tarball. ... Read more