August 6, 2011

pwgen 0.5 released

Hi there! I have just released version 0.5 of pwgen, which has been refactored to be Firefox 5 compliant. For those who wishes to use the addon prior to the review from Firefox Mods, you can download the version here. Russian and Polish languages have been added - Thanks to Artem Karpenko [email protected] (RU) and Slawomir Dal - [email protected] (PL).

April 3, 2010

pwgen-firefox 0.4 released

It has been a while since the last release of pwgen (version 0.3)… 0.4 is now published on AMO | ChangeLog Added Excluded Characters option Added Special Characters option (possibility to add/remove to special characters list) Added Spanish Translation (provided by Ricardo A. Rivas | [email protected]) User Interface Options redesigned

May 19, 2009

Cool Firefox addons

Here is a list of very cool firefox addons which I think every serious Network/SysAdmin should have in his/her toolbox ;-) httpfox 2. Tamper data Live http header Nagios Checker Asnumber Cisco Doc Search Plugin Modify Headers Feel free to add any other extension you think could be an invaluable tool in the day to day job. Cheers,