August 6, 2011

pwgen 0.5 released

Hi there! I have just released version 0.5 of pwgen, which has been refactored to be Firefox 5 compliant. For those who wishes to use the addon prior to the review from Firefox Mods, you can download the version here. Russian and Polish languages have been added - Thanks to Artem Karpenko [email protected] (RU) and Slawomir Dal - [email protected] (PL).

June 20, 2010

firefox-pwgen 0.4.5 released

Hello there! I know… it has been a long time since the last release and I know, many of you were awaiting for the bug fix identifed by Armin Juhlke - I was able finally today to put some time aside and look at it - here is the new release…. This release includes some bug fixes and had underwent a medium code cleanup from the 0.4 branch including some XUL improvements and a new feature added. ... Read more

April 3, 2010

pwgen-firefox 0.4 released

It has been a while since the last release of pwgen (version 0.3)… 0.4 is now published on AMO | ChangeLog Added Excluded Characters option Added Special Characters option (possibility to add/remove to special characters list) Added Spanish Translation (provided by Ricardo A. Rivas | [email protected]) User Interface Options redesigned