January 21, 2011

FDP - Foundry Discovery Protocol

If you are familiar with CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol), then FDP from Brocade is just as the same. FDP allows each Foundry/Brocade devices to advertise themselves to MAC Address 01-E0-52-CC-CC-CC. FDP packets contain information such as hostname/device ID, software version, product platform and capability, vlan and layer 3 protocol address of the port sending the update. FDP can be enabled both globally by issuing in configuration [email protected](config)#fdp run or simply by enabling it on a specific interface ... Read more

December 9, 2010

DNS over BitTorrent?

So the guys at the Pirate Bay have decided to ditch ICANN due to its unbiased tights in regards of the recent political issues. An early snippet of the announcement can be seen on Peter Sunder’s tweet @ http://twitter.com/brokep/status/8779363872935936 The Decision Tree Example is particularly interesting: http://dot-p2p.org/index.php?title=Distributed_decision_example even though has many flaws and highly based on the PGP WoT system. The interesting thing part of this project beside its attracting technical challenges is its openness to allow anyone to freely join and contribute and help design from the ground ;-) . ... Read more

November 27, 2010

MultiProtocol BGP (MP-BGP)

MP-BGP is simply an extended/enhanced BGP that primarily allows unicast routes for multicast routing to be carried in interconnect-networks - To this extend, MP-BGP allows protocols other than IPv4 to be carried (IPv6, CNLS, MPLS VPN etc…). This is of course different to native BGP which only allows unicast routes for IP Forwarding to be carried. Having said, they are 2 Attributes to keep in mind when dealing with MP-BGP: ... Read more

August 29, 2010

systemd - Yet another replacement for init

systemd is a new replacement to the System V init system long used in all flavor of UNIX and Linux systems. Ok! ok! not all flavor of Linux/Unix.. Solaris switched a long time ago to use SMF while Ubuntu/Fedora (and the distribution targeted to end users) use Upstart - and yes if you consider Darwin(OSX) a true Unix system :-X, then those guys have used/use launchd. You can read the purpose and goals of systemd at http://0pointer. ... Read more

August 27, 2010

Projects: A few announcements

Hello there! A few announcements to spin off into a well deserved weekend :-D ####End of Maintenance of NumExt### NumExt will no longer be maintained (sad… sho sho shad :=) …)! Ok! it is not that much of a tragedy, since I am happy to have seen the add-on grow and inspire many other addons that have implemented some of its features (yes! you “code rippers” you know who you are ;-) ) ... Read more

August 24, 2010

RPS and RFS - Kernel Network Stack

If you have been following the latest improvement in the release of the 2.6.35 kernel, you have probably noted 2 major network stack improvement which have create some buzz in the geek community. Ok not really! since the RPS and RFS project has been going on since a while now by the crowd @Google Inc. Since those 2 amaizing features have been fully implemented in the kernel and are now supported, I though it is a good opportunity to finally get down to the beast and try to shed some light on RPS and RFS. ... Read more

July 11, 2010

Linux Kernel Out of Memory Management

-ENOMEM Error - OOM state When the kernel needs to allocate memory to a process, its first action is to check whether or not that requested memory is available.. To achieve is, the kernel makes sure that the requested memory is globally available on the system excluding 3% reserved for root process and that the committed amount of RAM does not exceed the allowed threshold. The threshold is determined using this formula ... Read more

July 8, 2010

Dynamic Multipoint VPN - DMVPN

One of the most interesting feature of DMVPN as far as my personal opinion goes is its extended support for VRF on MPLS networks. Remember, VRF allows multiple instance of routing tables to co-exist on the same router at the same time. Having said that, DMVPN helps scalling out tradional IPSEC hub-and-spoke VPN configuration by setting permanent and temporary connections, respectively from the spoke routers to the hub router and between the spoker routers as needed. ... Read more

June 29, 2010

Catalyst 6500 and ASIC issues

Referral news can be found at http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/asic-issues-delaying-cisco-switch Now keep in mind, I have not read the bulletin published by Rodman & Renshaw, LLC - nor can attest this is the fundamental reasons why the switches have been delayed. As for the lifespan of the Cat 6500 to be fully replaced by the Nexus 7000, remember that Cisco’s Supervisor Engines for Modular Switches have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, that being said a new 720 Supervisor Engine was just released roughly 1 year and a half ago - you make the math now ;-) ... Read more

June 20, 2010

firefox-pwgen 0.4.5 released

Hello there! I know… it has been a long time since the last release and I know, many of you were awaiting for the bug fix identifed by Armin Juhlke @juhlke.de - I was able finally today to put some time aside and look at it - here is the new release…. This release includes some bug fixes and had underwent a medium code cleanup from the 0.4 branch including some XUL improvements and a new feature added. ... Read more